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About Us

Our family has more than 50 years combined experience in the mattress industry. My father started out working in Englander mattress plants manufacturing mattresses on the production line, and quickly moved up to running entire factories. The last 35 years we have been manufacturers reps in the mattress and home furnishing industry, working with retailers to give their customers the highest quality, best value mattresses and home furnishings. Nothing is more important to us than giving the best value and quality to customers, and that's what we continue to do today.

We specialize in ultra long-lasting solid latex 2-sided mattresses. These have consistently been among the highest rated mattresses for about 80 years or so. They are probably the lowest cost of ownership mattresses in the world because of their longevity, durability, and incredible support. Click here to learn more about solid latex advantages.

We are located centrally in Vancouver, WA, just a few minutes from every part of Vancouver and surrounding communities. Clark county residents have long been going across the river for larger purchases, and we have worked hard to prove to them that buying here in Vancouver is less expensive. For instance, Oregon mattresses stores are legally required to charge you tax upon delivery of any mattress into Vancouver. Most people don't realize that, and only find out after the sale has been written up.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. If you value a zero pressure sales environment, with higher quality mattresses, make a trip to see us and try some out. We have always encouraged customers to shop around so that they can see for themselves how good the quality and prices are at our store.

Thanks, and see you soon! - Bo Clark


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