Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam uses your body heat and weight to mold to your body to give great support and pressure point relief. Mattress Pro has a large selection of high-quality, American-Made and northwest made memory foam mattresses. Here are some reasons a memory foam mattress may be the right choice for you:

  • Uses your body heat and weight to conform to your body while you sleep.
  • Relief of pressure points for your shoulders and hips.
  • Excellent motion control so you aren't awakened by your partner's movements.
  • Memory foam mattresses are dense, which inhibits dust and allergen buildup.
  • Our lineup of memory foam mattresses consist of ventilated, gel-infused, and Micropur Serene styles to help you sleep cool.

The top advertised brands can be quite expensive traditionally, but at Mattress Pro at Jantzen Beach in Portland, OR, you'll find the highest-quality, brand-name "Temper" style memory foam mattresses starting at $479 up to the top of the line that peaks at $1499 in price, and everything in between.

We also have an extra value line of memory foam mattresses and kids waterproof memory foam mattresses that start at $99 on up.

All of our memory foam mattresses conform to the CertiPur-US safety standards