Scott Living Mattress Collection

Note from the owner:

While I don't watch too much TV, I knew who the Property Brothers were because my wife and friends love their shows. I had the chance to meet Drew and Jonathan a few months ago at the last Furniture Market in Las Vegas. I found them to be just as likable and smart (and tall!) as you would expect them to be. They are also very talented product developers.

This isn't the case of a celebrity just signing off on a product, but not having anything to do with the development of the product at all. Drew and Jonathan really spent a ton of time working with Restonic to develop each and every one of the different models to meet every price point and needs of our customers. They did a truly fantastic job, resulting in a lineup that is not only going to give you a spectacular nights sleep, but the pricing is significantly lower than you'd expect for the quality of mattresses in this collection. The value of this lineup for the price is off the charts.

So while the Property Brothers won't actually be in our store to help you find the bed of your dreams, we invite you to come and see how amazing of a job they did with this collection. Exclusively at Jantzen Beach - Mattress Pro store In Portland, just across the bridge from Vancouver.

Limited-time introductory pricing available now! Make sure to mention you saw the ad today for a free bonus with purchase.*

-Bo Clark

*Limited time offer and supply.