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8" Princeton Serene Firm Gel Memory Foam & Bamboo Mattress

Sound Sleep

8" Princeton Serene Firm Gel Memory Foam & Bamboo Mattress

$ 399.00 $ 1,099.00

What we like about this mattress:

If you love memory foam mattresses, you are going to love this mattress. Three different sizes, three different feels. Ultra cool Serene memory foam, say goodbye to sleeping too hot. These are the best selling memory foam mattresses in the store. Our customers are saying that they like the feel better than the big name brands that blast commercials at us night and day on TV. I agree with them. It's got the same 10-year warranty, but the "feel" isn't as "grabby". We upgraded the mattress lineup to come with a bamboo blend cover for that extra moisture wicking action and put long lasting, durable side panels so you can get many, many years of use out of the mattress.

Listen, to be honest, the cover isn't as quite as "pretty" as some of the big name brands, but as they say, "it's whats on the inside that counts". And this mattress has great insides.

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