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Two-Sided Lakeside Solid Latex Plush Mattress ***25% Discount***

Oregon Mattress Co.

Two-Sided Lakeside Solid Latex Plush Mattress ***25% Discount***

$ 1,499.25 $ 1,999.00

What we like about this mattress:

It's a two-sided mattress. Which means its flippable. Which means with occasional rotation and flipping, its going to last you way, way longer than a one-sided non-flippable mattress.

It's also solid latex, which is the best supporting longest lasting material you can put in a mattress. I own the mattress store and our mattress is around 20 years old. We have no plans to replace any time soon either. Latex is the way to go when you want to buy mattress that you don't have to replace. Do some research online.

Anyway, we rarely have discounts on our latex models, because we have them priced way less than you would pay for many of those constantly advertised really high priced memory foam mattresses that we shall not name here.

Come in the store and try them out. You'll be really surprised how superior a latex mattress really is.

Very limited size and quantity on this discounted model.

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